Velkommen til TangoTrimmen,- en fysisk tango workout med Anniken blandet med AlexanderTeknikk med Deborah.
– SØNDAG 28. OKTOBER KL.10.30-12.30
– Pris per person: 250 NOK
Vi skal jobbe med musklene som trengs i tango og få luft mellom knoklene så vi kan danse lett og uanstrengt.
Med fokus på naturlig og fri bevegelse, samt styrketrening for Tangodansere som vil forebygge/ta vare på tangokroppen eller lære å danse på en måte som er bedre for kroppen.
Menn og kvinner på alle nivåer er velkomne, påmelding uten partner. Kom med tangosko i tillegg til innendørs joggesko/treningssko som ikke sklir og ikke lager merker.



Would you like to dance with more freedom, spontaneity, and less pain? Be willing to take a chance and get it wrong, only to discover a whole new sense of what is you.

The Alexander Technique is a tantalizing and unique method to transform the way we use ourselves to truly find freedom in our breath, movement and being. By discovering a deeper dynamic of movement and trust, we become free of debilitating pains and fears and experience a whole other sense of joy in activity. With the unusual, yet gentle Alexander touch, something awakens, something so lovely and playful (even if tears spring to our eyes), that fills us with an almost magical presence and connection (our unused self!) And before we know it, we are being danced alive.

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and has worked internationally as a singer-songwriter and teacher of the Alexander Technique, Voice, Theatre and Movement since 1988. She specializes in helping people overcome stage fright and debilitating perfectionism. Her book: Pandora Learns to Sing is available on Amazon. www.deborahjeanne.com

“Your hands have transformed me – a really wonderful experience that still vibrates with me all the time as I move through everything I’m doing. The whole idea of making things easier – my movements, my breath – seems to be at the forefront of everything I’m doing. I have much more room in myself, ESPECIALLY between the armpit and the hips. You’re such a healing soul Deborah. I can’t wait for our paths to cross soon again.” Anne, from Wicklow, Ireland

F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) was an actor in a time when no microphone could help amplify and project the voice. Often losing his voice, he went into deep exploration about why. To improve the overall use of himself, and to no longer lose or have pain in his voice, he created a new method, now known as the Alexander Technique. This work is now used for all who do activities that demand fine muscle coordination, and wish for more ease and freedom in breath and movement – like tango!

We are so accustomed to the tensions we carry with us throughout the day that we rarely notice it. Yet it has a powerful impact on every goal we set out to accomplish. Often we have strong impulses and desires to do a task or a creative act and there is something stopping us. What is this something? And is it changeable? The Alexander Technique provides a means for understanding what this is. By becoming more aware we then can experience a new sense of freedom, improvement in overall health, alertness and performance in all activities.