Tangoskolens Milonga WeekEnd 30.11.2018-02.12.2018

MilongaWeekEnd2018cut50%To celebrate Tango, we would love to invite you all to come and dance @ Tangoskolen in Oslo the first weekend of December 2018

Milonga WeekEnd PROGRAM:

Friday 30th November
– Kl.18.00-19.30 (6pm-7.30pm) MilongaWorkshopA in Halli (big room) with Assa & Jarle
– Kl.20.00-01.00 (8pm-1am) ClassicalMilonga in Halli (big room) DJ Thea Rørvik

Saturday 1st December
– Kl.13.00-17.00 (1pm-5pm) ClassicalDayMilonga in Halli (big room) DJ AnniKind
– Kl.17.30-19.00 (5.30pm-7pm) MilongaWorkshopB in Blåsalen (small room) with Assa & Anniken
– Kl.20.00-01.00 (8pm-1am) ClassicalMilonga in Halli (big room) DJ Trud Antzée
– Kl.21.00-00.00 (9pm-12midnight) AlternativeMusicMilonga in Blåsalen (small room) DJ AnniKind

Sunday 2nd December
– Kl.12.30-16.30 (12.30pm-4.30pm) ClassicalDayMilonga in Halli (big room) DJ AnniKind

Programme may be subject to change.

If you are new to tango you might find this a bit confusing?
Milonga is also a dance danced by tango dancers at a milonga (dance night) 😉

We will work on technique, musicality and repertoar in both classes. The classes will not be the same and you can take on or two. Assa, Jarle and Anniken totally love milonga and will teach their favorite repertoar 😀

MilongaWorkshopA (ALL LEVELS) Friday 30.11.2018 6pm-7.30pm Assa & Jarle
MilongaWorkshopB (ALL LEVELS) Saturday 01.12.2018 5.30pm-7pm Assa & Anniken

We recommend signing up with a partner, we will even the number of leaders and followers.
If you sign up without a partner your name will be put on a waiting list, and you will be be offered to join when a person in the opposite role register 😀

Prices per person:

– Complete WeekEnd Pass 1000 NOK (including 2 milonga classes)
– Milonga Pass 700 NOK (4 milongas)
– MilongaClass 250 NOK (per class)

If you can make it only to certain milongas the price per person is:
– DayTimeMilonga 150 NOK
– EveningMilonga 250 NOK

Half price for students 🙂
Details on how to pay will be found in the confirmation mail.

You need to register for all options.

The registration is open -> signup

Do register NOW 😀

Welcome ♥