Ladies ONLY! and not only ladies

Intensive workshops for ladies by Melina Sedó & Ramona Steckermeier



LADIES ONLY! @ Tangoskolen and NOT ONLY Ladies 😉
Friday 31st August – 2nd September 2018

We are happy to welcome Melina & Ramona back to Oslo and Tangoskolen for yet another Ladies ONLY! weekend. This time also with a workshop for NOT only ladies 😉 These women are both really good teachers, and very elegant and experienced dancers. You can sign up without a partner. We arrange to kinds of milongas this weekend, Milonga Minimal offers only a small room, with good flooring, great music and water to drink. Bring a cushion if you intend to sit, and your own drink if you wish. Milonga SOL is a practice Milonga with an intro to social dancing and milongas 30 minutes before it starts. Experienced dancers are welcome to be good examples on the dance floor and in general on how to behave on a milonga 🙂

Friday 31st August 6.30pm-1am (400NOK per person )
WORKSHOP and MILONGA MINIMAL is open for ALL, men and women 🙂

– WORKSHOP A Technique & Bodywork for leaders and followers 6.30pm-8.30pm (includes Milonga Minimal)
– MILONGA MINIMAL 9pm-1am (FREE for Ladies ONLY weekend participants, 50NOK for others)
Saturday 1st September 11pm-4pm (800NOK per person )
New to Melina & Ramona, NOT new to tango

– WORKSHOP B (part 1) 11pm-1pm
– LUNCH BREAK 1pm-2pm
– WORKSHOP B (part 2) 2pm-4pm

– COMPLETE BEGINNERS LynTango 4pm-6pm (400NOK) (This is not a part of Ladies ONLY! but open for anyone interested in beginners course, Ladies ONLY! can join for half the price)
– Milonga SOL INTRO 8.30pm-9pm FREE FOR ALL
– Milonga SOL 9pm-1am (100NOK) included in Ladies ONLY!
Sunday 2nd September 12noon-5pm (800NOK per person )
Experienced tangueras who are familiar with Melina & Ramona’s way of working

– WORKSHOP C (part 1) 12noon-2pm
– LUNCH BREAK 2pm-3pm
– WORKSHOP C (part 2) 3pm-5pm

All classes and milongas will be held at Tangoskolen, Nordahl Bruns gate 22, 0165 Oslo

PRICES per person:
– NOT ONLY LADIES! Friday 31st August 6.30pm-1am 400NOK (includes Milonga Minimal)
– MILONGA MINIMAL Friday 31st August 9pm-1am 50NOK
– Ladies ONLY! NEW(ish) DANCERS Saturday 1st September 11pm-4pm 1000NOK (includes Milonga Minimal & Milonga SOL)
– LynTango Saturday 1st September 4pm-6pm 400NOK (includes Milonga SOL) 200NOK for students and Ladies ONLY! participates
– Ladies ONLY! EXPERIENCED DANCERS Sunday 2nd September 12noon-5pm 1000NOK (includes Milonga Minimal & Milonga SOL)

DISCOUNTs per person:
– All workshops (except LynTango) and both milongas 2200NOK (SAVE 200)
– Friday and Saturday (except LynTango) or Sunday including both milongas 1320NOK (SAVE 80)
– Saturday (except LynTango) and Sunday including both milongas 1760NOK (SAVE 240)

«Technique & Bodywork for leaders and followers» Friday 31st August 6.30pm-8.30pm
Before dancing with a partner, we would like to prepare ourselves. In this class, we‘ll focus on relaxation and tension, our own axis, different concepts of walking, dissociation and pivoting. A perfect stand-alone class or start into a weekend of classes. No partner required. And yes, men are invited to join!

«The active dancer» Saturday 1st September 11pm-4pm
This class will address the role of both partners in the creation of a fully improvised dance inspired by music. On one hand, we will learn to understand tango as a language using words and a grammar to communicate in an improvised manner. On the other hand, we will explore the possibilities of how the so-called follower can be active within the framework of what the leader suggests, with the intention of retaining the harmony of the couple. This is a class for ladies, who have not visited our first „Ladies Only“ seminar in 2016 and want to dance actively rather than just follow. Ladies from Ladies ONLY! in 2016 and 2017 are also welcome 🙂

«Calm and determined» Sunday 2nd September 12noon-5pm
We want you to be at peace with your technique in order to find stability and balance in whatever you do. This workshop will offer intensive work on balance and the dosage of energy in steps – the pre-requisite to expressive dancing. The second important topic will be the adaptation to different partners and different styles of leading without compromising your priorities and the comfort of the embrace. A class for advanced ladies and those who have taken our previous classes.

Please bring for WORKSHOP B + C:
– Waterbottle + Packed lunch (we have one hour lunch break)
– Comfortable clothing
– Thick socks
– Your usual tango shoes + flat shoes
– Yoga / exercise mat
– Blanket (if desired)

About Melina
Melina started dancing tango in 1995, teaching in 2001 and travelling internationally in 2006. Together with her teaching partner Detlef Engel she has developed a very personal approach to tango that focuses on the well being in a close embrace, on improvisation and on musicality. She is an elegant dancer and a very thorough and skilled teacher. Read more about Melina here!

About Ramona
Ramona is a wonderful young dancer who is equally proficient in both roles. She has been a regular at Encuentros Milongueros for many years. Ramona has graduated from Melina and Detlef’s Tango-Teacher-Training and has been assisting them both in many classes. Last year, she took up teaching in Passau, Germany.

Registration is binding upon confirmation.

Photos above by Thorsten Janes

Ladies ONLY! 2017

Ladies ONLY! 2016